Here are the most favorable options we will negotiate on your behalf  or provide you with legislation, documents, procedures for you to attempt the Loss Mitigation process direct:

     BEST - Loan Modification, Recast your loan both can be done with Forbearance. These options allow you to keep your home and continue to build your credit

this is a  
Season in your life

     To SHARE with you the FULL  process as we have been trained. With the emergence of Private Equity companies now owning BILLIONS of  dollars of Non - Performing Loans (NPL), we may continue to be guided in new directions.

     This is the first time in mortgage history that the Government Sponsored Enterprises (Fannie & Freddie) are NOT securitizing  the bulk of the NPL.

     You have my promise to keep all new procedures updated as  SOON as we are made known.   


      Please do not get overwhelmed on YOUR FIRST VISIT to my website

       I'm going to suggest you ONLY spend time during this first visit looking at the information contained within the buttons on this first screen.  It is important that you know where your loan is currently, the options you have available and the steps to take in avoiding the foreclosure that is imminent.

       I am truly here to help you and NOT take advantage of your tough season. I am a licensed real estate agent and will tell you upfront,..that I want to work all the options available to you - before you consider doing a short sale. Short sales are not your best option as long as the better Loss Mitigation options are available.  It is imperative that you take action to be able to qualify for the Loss Mitigation option available.

      If you are behind on your mortgage with default calls being made from the bank you are writing you were making your mortgage payment - know the overwhelming majority DO NOT OWN YOUR HOME LOAN and may not be offering you the best option for your family. My goal is to HELP homeowners determine their best option for their circumstance which may include:  Loan recasting, Loan restructuring, Loan Modification, Forbearance, Deed-in-lieu of Foreclosure and Short Sale to resolve your home loan in Default BEFORE a Foreclosure. If you have received more than 3 months collections calls from your lender - there is a high probability the foreclosure process has started.

       My name is Billy Waddell and live here in central TX. You may be visiting my site hoping you will find the BEST option for them and YOUR FAMILY beside Foreclosure. Here is the background in business and real estate I offer:
    * 22+ years in Business Development at the highest levels with my last position US Director of Sales & Marketing for Straub, an International Manufacturing company. Strong communication and negotiation skills   
    * Owner/Operator of a successful real estate business from ’03-’09 in the toughest post-depression era for residential real estate specialized in helping homeowner & buyers, REO platform and Loss Mitigation professional. Averaged 150DOM for Short Sales which is well below the national average, 89DOM for REO and 41DOM for homeowners selling their house.   
    * Short Sale Prospector for CITI's Loss Mitigation Division with CoreLogic
    * Foreclosure Asset Manager - Bank of America portfolio with CoreLogic 
    * Fannie Mae as the ONLY Analyst on 90 member Valuation Division NOT a licensed Appraiser ~ set values for Foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu, Bid Instructions (minimum value the lender's trustee will take at the auction at the courthouse), HAMP Loss Mitigation and Short Sale properties
    * I have been certified by the Mortgage Industry' FiveStarInstitue to provide both valuation through “Broker Price Opinions” & Loss Mitigation options including Short Sales.
    * HELD designations (inactive) from the National Association of Realtors for SFR (Certified Short Sale & Foreclosure Resource)& ePro Realtor

    * Licensed Texas Realtor (#0497639) with Bell County Realty, a Texas Ally Real Estate LLC Company

      If you will trust me with your confidence and most sensitive financial information, I can help you UNDERSTAND your Loss Mitigation options and negotiate with your lender to MAKE IT HAPPEN! Did you have already receive your Notice of Default by certified mail? You now have a minimum of 51 days & a maximum of 81 days before the lender's trustee will auction your home on the Williamson County Courthouse steps (the first Tuesday of every month) or take the property back to the lender as "real estate owned" (REO) if the highest price at auction doesn't exceed the bid instructions or value assigned. Loan modification, recasting your loan or forbearance are near impossible at this juncture. Deed-in-lieu is your next best option but at this point, need someone with the tenacity of a pitt bull and can get to the negotiator, their supervisor, the Department Manager and higher if need be. I don't state these facts to scare you but to let you know there has been recent legislation that I can utilize to stop a foreclosure.

    Banks, mortgage companies, GSEs (Government Sponsored Enterprises i.e.,..Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac) and now Private Equity Companies owning over $23B in non-performing loans,..DO NO WANT YOUR HOUSE BACK. Their best option is to do a loan modification, recast your loan or offer forbearance (limits on what they will write off) and deed-in-lieu BEFORE they would consider a Short Sale. Be very cautious of private negotiator, investors or possibly some real estate agent's motivation for contacting you IF they don't spend as much time explaining these options instead of pressing you for a Short Sale. I'd prefer you stay in your home but if you have already received your "Notice of Default" certified letter,..all the Loss Mitigation options  will not be available. Time is of the essence.

     Please trust me and let's get started by reaching out to me at one of the contact methods below. This is only a season in your lives and we'll get you to new beginnings.

Blessings ~
Billy Waddell

Realtor - Bell County Realty

Stopmyforeclosureincentraltx - Certified Loss Mitigation Loan Modification Recast Loan Forbearance deed-in-lieu of foreclosure Short Sale




1) YOUR LENDER OR MORTGAGE COMPANY has provided my information & website for YOU to learn your best option in default. You do not need anyone to help you attempt Loss Mitigation and if you click the GREEN button below, I have provided what Lenders are required by Federal Legislation to offer you in the Loss Mitigation process  & as much as I can suggest to assist you in your Loss Mitigation attempts.             

2) Your Internet search identified me as someone that will help you LEARN your Loss Mitigation options so YOU can decide how to resolve your loan in default. PLEASE take the time to read the entire message at the bottom of this page.

If you have received the certified letter "Notice Of Default" ~ you have between 51 & 81 before the Trustee for your Lender will auction your home at YOUR County Courthouse steps (1st Tuesday of every month). The Loss Mitigation options are limited and Short Sale offers are required to be submitted before the 37 days before foreclosure DEADLINE (FEW lenders if any,..make an exception to 37 days before the foreclosure sale).

If you have NOT received the certified letter "Notice of Default"you have MUCH MORE favorable than a Short Sale and include: Loan Modification/Loan Mods; Recast Loan; Forbearance; AND Deed-In-Lieu of Foreclosure.  LENDERS, BANKS, MORTGAGE COMPANIES, GSEs (Fannie & Freddie) and PRIVATE EQUITY COMPANIES (new to Loss Mitigation),....DO NOT WANT YOUR HOME BACK THROUGH FORECLOSURE

NOTE: YOU CAN  attempt the Loss Mitigation process yourself. I OFFER AS MUCH HELP as I can. Click the SELF button 

tHe "lesser" options!

Your TODAY,......................your TOMORROW!

this is MY


YOU DON'T WANT THIS SUGAR COATED: Based on my experience IF YOU have NOT RESOLVED THE ISSUES that lead you to default AND YOUR financial status now will not get the favorable Loss Mitigation approved,..Deed-In-Lieu is your NEXT BEST option. DIL is better for you than a Short Sale or Foreclosure HOWEVER ~ it will be reported to the Credit Bureaus as a Foreclosure with ZERO BALANCE (Foreclosures have the full balance of your loan, the default total & the lender's cost to Foreclose for the amount posted to the Credit Bureaus).  I DO NOT GIVE LEGAL ADVISE, PLEASE consult a real estate attorney!

Last option, if you don't qualify for DIL OR have received the Certified "Notice of Default" - A Short Sale is the last option for stopping the sale. The impact to your credit is less than a Foreclosure but more than DIL. We anticipate changes to the entire Loss Mit process with Private Equity Co. in the fray!

   I have successfully negotiated the following with lenders: Loan Modification, Loans that have been recast, Forbearance (limits lenders will write off), Deed-in-lieu and Short Sales.

   Just like you, we prefer not to have to help with a Short Sale but rather HELP YOU stay in your HOME!


Stopmyforeclosureincentraltx    your options: Loan Modification, Recast Loan,  deed-in-lieu & Short Sale to stop the foreclosure sale!

Certified in Loss Mitigation